The Services:

Tier 1: Beta Reading
$5 per 4,000 words
An honest opinion from a reader's perspective. This is best done for smaller samples of work or for short stories under 4,000 words. With beta reading, I focus on potential issues with clarity, audience engagement, readability, intrigue, and discuss any issues that may impact readership. For orders over 4,000 words, I suggest content editing or developmental editing. However, trying out a $5 beta reading sample is an fast, inexpensive way for me to suggest the best option for your novel's individual needs.

Tier 2: Content Editing
$25 per 4,000 words*

A look at the deeper elements of your novel, including world building, character development, character arcs (wants, goals, and motivations), backstory and set-up, dialogue, point of view and tense, plot holes or inconsistencies with characters, as well as all potential issues covered in beta reading.

Tier 3: Developmental Editing
$50 per 4,000 words* - BEST DEAL
A full X-ray of your novel, focused on bringing your book to its fullest potential. This edit focuses on plot structure - both macro (full novel) and micro (individual scenes and chapters/acts), pacing, tension building, solidifying a strong beginning, middle, and an ending that knocks it out of the park. This service also includes all potential issues covered by content editing and beta reading, as well as minor rewriting where necessary to improve strength or clarity. 

* indicates that a service is best used for FULL NOVELS or NOVELLAS rather than samples, snippets, or word counts under 25,000.

Manuscript wish list:
Fantasy (high, low, and anything between!), YA and NA novels, dystopian, survival stories (end of the world, EMP, etc.), sci-fi (preferably without aliens), contemporary, chick-lit and romance, historical fiction, paranormal and paranormal romance (vampire and shifter), witches/magic, realistic fantasy, retellings, faeries (the darker, the better!). 
LGBTQA+ and POC/diverse characters a HUGE plus!