The Services:

Tier 1: Copy Editing
$5 per 1,000 words
This is the first round of editing your novel will undergo. It focuses on clarity, readability, paragraph and sentence structure, dialogue enhancement and structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Tier 2: Proofreading*
$15 per 2,000 words

If you're looking for proofreading, it means you're almost to publication! I will proofread your novel for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and sentence structure, as well as any potential issues from the copy editing stage.

Tier 3: Final Edit**
$25 per 3,000 words
Congrats! This is the final edit of your book, which means you're ready to publish. First, though, I will perform a laser-focused edit of your novel, inspecting the cover pages, introduction, acknowledgments, copyright page, table of contents, and more, as well as checking your indentations, spacing, page numbering, and chapter page accuracy. This edit includes a look at any potential issues from both the content editing and proofreading stages.

* Proofreading service should not be ordered without first receiving a copy edit.
** Final Edit service should not be ordered without first receiving a proofread.
[If you previously received a copy edit or proofread from an editor other than myself, that's perfectly fine! That means you'll order the service of the next tier up from what you've already received.]

Manuscript wish list:
Fantasy (high, low, and anything between!), YA and NA novels, dystopian, survival stories (end of the world, EMP, etc.), sci-fi (preferably without aliens), contemporary, chick-lit and romance, historical fiction, paranormal and paranormal romance (vampire and shifter), witches/magic, realistic fantasy, retellings, faeries (the darker, the better!). 
LGBTQA+ and POC/diverse characters a HUGE plus!